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Instagram Advertising Campaign

Over 400 million monthly active users. We’ll help you reach the right ones.

Instagram Marketing

1. Start an Instagram Community

  • Use your logo as a profile picture
  • Create a post so when people visit your account they see recent activity
  • Make sure to follow your account and share it with your friends
Instagram Marketing Campaign

2. Connect to your fans with ads

  • Create multiple ads to help build an audience for your account
  • Use the targeting options to show your ads to only the people you want reach
  • See which versions of your ads work best
Instagram Advertising Campaign

3. Engage your followers with great content on your Account

  • Update your account regularly
  • Compelling images and videos encourage your target audience to engage with your brand
  • Relevant hashtags makes it easy for your content to be found
  • Respond to people when they comment on your updates
Instagram Ad Marketing

4. Influence the friends of your fans

  • Encourage shares and double taps to engage with your audience
  • Add locations and tag people to reach out to their followers
  • When people share the content on your Page, their friends are eligible to see the activity
Instagram Campaigns

Targeting Your Instagram Ad Audience

Instagram ads appear in the Newsfeed of your audience. Ad formats consist of Image Ads, Video Ads and Carousel Ads to meet your different marketing objectives.

Instagram focuses its advertising strategy around its vast member data, allowing advertisers to target an audience segment precisely. In fact, Instagram offers advertisers the ability to reach their exact audience — from a broad demographic, to a geographic preference, and to a more granular interest and behaviour.

Here are some ways that you can find the right audience for your Instagram ad:

Targeting by location:

Instagram allows for precise location targeting, based in part on your profile data and the IP address of the computer you log in with. Most cities in the UAE, Middle East Countries. allow you to expand the targeting to include surrounding areas of 10, 25, and 50 miles, if you want to reach specific regional markets.

Targeting by interests and likes:

Instagram leverages its members’ profile data to allow advertisers to drill down to specific keywords. These keywords represent a member’s interests. Topics that users are passionate about — such as their musical tastes, television preferences, religious views, and so on — can be used to further micro-target your audience.

Targeting by connections:

You can target people on Instagram already connected to your Facebook Page or connected to another Page of yours. You can also target ads only to people who aren’t already connected; therefore, your existing fans aren’t shown your ad. And you can target the friends of people who are already connected to your Page.

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