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GEO Fencing / Programmatic Campaign

Global Positioning System – The Gold Standard

GPS is a satellite-based system that is considered the gold standard of location data as it is among the most accurate of methods; it provides the actual latitude and longitude (lat/long) of the device.

Today's GPS receivers are extremely accurate, due to their parallel multi-channel design.

All modern smartphones have GPS capability. The signal is geo-precise, timely, and does not require sign-in like Wi-Fi; it is passively active if the consumer has opted in to allow access to this information.

Using a determined point of reference, the Global positioning system, allows us to build a geo-fence

GEO Fencing  Programmatic Campaign

If a location such as an airport is picked both the GSM and the GPS can determine when a registered device (on the GSM) has crossed the predetermined artificial threshold, allowing our network to serve an Ad, In the same way Google maps enables your location when tracking your locations.

A GPS signal contains three different bits of information - a pseudorandom code, ephemeris data and almanac data. The pseudorandom code is simply an I.D. code that identifies which satellite is transmitting information.

The accuracy allowing for standardized global ephemeris errors is accurate down to 2-5 meters.

Targeting – GEO FENCING

  • Opt-in data delivers Hyper-accurate,Real-time GPS Location
  • Polygons easily target active Users within any geographic area
  • Campaigns are able to Deliver different creatives & bids for different polygons

GEO Fencing / Programmatic Campaign

Ad Preview

GEO Fencing / Programmatic Campaign GEO Fencing / Programmatic Campaign GEO Fencing / Programmatic Campaign

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Display Requirements:

  • Text Push: Ad Title(25 characters) - Ad Body(40 characters) - Logo 72x72px 50Kb
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Offer Requirements:

  • Destination URL (Click Trackers)
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Product Requirements:

  • Raw Materials (Photoshop, Illustrator)

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